What is Google Adwords and Types of Adwords Networks

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a Online Marketing Service developed by Google. It helps marketers to reach their audience or customers immediately in Search Engine. It released in the year of 2000 Oct 13. It became Google’s Main source of income.

For Example:  One user is looking for “Tour Packages”  in Google Search Engine by using term or search query like “Tour and Travel packages in India” then google will throw a bunch of searches to user. Check the below screenshot you will notice few Ads. These Ads will display top and bottom of the Organic Searches.

But how Google know to show these Ads in Search Result Page.

Google Adwords Search Network Results

When user search a term in Google Search Engine

Google Search

Adwords find all the Ads whose keywords match with the user query.

Complete Ads List

Google Adwords List

Google decide the Ads based on their quality score, bid amount, Ad format etc..


Google Adwords Auction

Ads that win the Auctions are displayed in Search Engine Result Page.


Google Adwords Result

Types of Ads using in Google Adwords Platform

  1. Search Network
  2. Display Network
  3. Video
  4. Shopping
  5. Universal App Network

For the above Campaign Types again there are Specialized Campaign Types for individual Networks.

Search Network:

  1. Standard (Keyword target text Ads)
  2. Mobile App Promotion
  3. Dynamic Search Ads
  4. Call only

Display Network :

  1. Standard (Take action on Website)
  2. Mobile App Promotion
  3. Dynamic Search Ads

Video Network:

  1. Standard (Ads driving views, awareness and conversions)
  2. Mobile App Promotion
  3. Dynamic Search Ads

Shopping Network:

  1. Shopping Ads (Ads promoting your product inventory from google merchant center)

Universal App Campaign:

  1. App Install Campaign that run across the search display and youtube ad networks.

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