What is Search Engine Optimization and Benefits of SEO

SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization) it is part of Online/Digital Marketing. SEO is a process where we have to optimize the website or webpage to enhance the performance of website/webpage or to get the desired position in Search Engine Result Page by the Organic way (Non-Paid way).

Mainly two types of SEO are practicing by people in the current market. Those are

  1. On Page
  2. Off Page

On Page: This process is mainly like optimizing a website or webpage, which we have to work on the page by writing Title, Meta Description, Alt Tags and Design of page and some code part all of the work which we do on the web page it will come under On Page.

Factors Need to Check-in On-page Optimization

The below-mentioned points are mainly used in On Page Optimization while creating or auditing the webpage:

  1. Meta Tags (Title, Description)
  2. Keywords
  3. Schema Markups
  4. Anchor Text/Internal Links
  5. Alt Tags
  6. Content Readability
  7. Keyword Density
  8. LSI Keywords
  9. Mobile Friendliness
  10. Page-Speed
  11. Keywords Placement (or) Content Strategy
  12. Social Sharing
  13. URL Structure
  14. Heading Tags
  15. Keywords Decoration (Make Bold or Strong)
  16. Image Optimization
  17. Canonicalization
  18. XML Sitemap
  19. Robots.txt File
  20. Google Analytics & Search Console Code Implementation on Web pages

Off Page: This Process is mainly getting Backlinks from other web pages/websites, By doing this off page your website rankings can increase in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). There are many types of Off Page activities or techniques are following by webmasters in the market.

Techniques used in Off Page Optimization:

  1. Guest Blogging
  2. PPT & PDF Submission
  3. Image & Infographic Submission
  4. Forum Postings
  5. Q&A Submissions
  6. Video Submissions
  7. Article Submission
  8. Social Media Postings
  9. Web2.0 Submissions
  10. Business Listings
  11. Profile Building
  12. Wiki Pages
  13. Blog Comments
  14. Social Bookmarking (Not That Important)
  15. Directory Submission (Not That Important)

Advantages & Benefits of doing SEO

The below benefits you will get by doing SEO to your website or webpage.

  1. By doing seo website rankings will improve in search engine result page (SERP).
  2. Traffic will also increase, you can see traffic in Google Analytics.
  3. SEO will improve Brand Awareness to your website.
  4. Good ROI (Return of Investment) than Ads.
  5. Cost is also a little bit low compared to Adwords/PPC.
  6. SEO gets 90% clicks in SERP than Paid Links.
  7. You can discover Customer Data.
  8. It will increase Click Through Rate (CTR).
  9. SEO Results are permanent, unlike paid campaigns.
  10. Business is open 24/7.

Do your Own SEO Campaign

A big YES YOU CAN DO YOUR OWN SEO. Spend some time learning about SEO and few topics and you have to be very smart about marketing strategies for your product or services.

Basically, SEO is a set of techniques, which is mentioned above not only those a few additional things you have to do like research about Market of your Product and what exactly user’s looking or gaining from your product by doing this kind of activity you’ll get know who are your customer’s.

Note: SEO is Long Term Process it will take time unlike paid campaigns, So be patient ultimately the results will show one day.

Basically, SEO means not to optimize your site according to search engines you have to optimize your website or webpage to users.


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